10 Free Magento Themes for Running an Online Store

Running an e-commerce store isn’t easy.

Given that appearance of your online store is one of the key aspects of a successful e-commerce destination, the way your website appears can have a significant impact on overall Sales and Conversions.

With this in mind many online players are opting to use Magento Themes to achieve to enhance the visual look for their customers.

If you are planning to enhance the overall look and feel of your Magento store, then this post is perfect for you. Below is a handpicked collection of some top-notch Free Magento themes that are all set to revamp the usability & visual appeal of your website. The themes listed below are completely free, and come with features like responsive layout, content slider, social media integration, SEO friendly design, intuitive navigation, and lots more.


1. Wine Store

Wine Store is a remarkable theme for your Magento store. The theme is designed using Bootstrap 1.8 and comes packed with features that are sure to please you. It has a very sleek design that looks great when rendered across a range of mobile devices.





2. mp_darkness

mp_darkness is an awesome looking Magento theme that comes with a responsive layout and sleek design. Some of its highlighting features include, Twitter Integration, customizable customer pages, a Bootstrap framework, and more.





3. Bluescale

Bluescale is a fresh and lively theme that flaunts features, such as 3 layouts for home categories, responsive layout, customized Magento menu, quick feedback, etc. it is also supported by all the major browsers.





4. JM Trex

This is a free Magento theme for an online store that deals in sports related products. It comes packed with a great deal of features and boasts 5 color schemes such as green, yellow, blue, and violet. Its mobile-ready design further makes it a remarkable choice.



JM Trex


5. Free Fashion Theme

Free Fashion Theme is a superb Magento theme that lets you display your fashion products with ease. It’s an ideal pick for any fashion, model, or clothing store and comes with features such as large pixel design, colors, eye-catching textures, and a lot more. The theme takes pride in its easy to configure admin panel and state-of-the-art CSS3 technology to deliver you amazing results. It is based on Twitter Bootstrap and looks great when viewed across a range of mobile devices. It also has 20+ transition effects, social media integration, and easy payment sections.





6. SM Glass Free Magento Theme

SM Glass is a bold and beautiful theme that features a responsive layout and a number of pretty details. The theme flaunts a single color theme and is an ideal option for stores that sell different accessories such as sunglasses, watches, and jewelry. SM Glass is designed using CSS3 to help you create animation effects, its cloud zoom feature makes it possible for you to display your products in an engaging manner.





7. Magezon- Free Amazon Like Magento Theme

Magezon is a simple yet highly effective theme that is sure to catch your visitors attention at a first glance. The theme is lauded for its functional design that focuses on the products and their display. It is easy to use and comes packed with a range of intuitive features to deliver a pleasurable working experience.





8. Ebajes- Free Responsive Magento Theme

Ebajes is a free Magento theme that takes pride on its modern and elegant look. The theme is suitable for online stores that sell high-tech products such as computers, mobile phones, laptops, etc. It has a very clean look and comes with a responsive design that looks awesome across a variety of mobile devices.





9. AccessShop Theme

AccessShop is a professional looking Magento theme that is suitable for a number of e-commerce sites such as fashion, jewelry, digital, etc. It features a responsive layout and boasts a great deal of features to help you maintain the flow of your online store.





10. Ves Tshirt

Ves Tshirt is all what you need to take your Magento store to a new level. It’s a free, responsive theme that is ideal for Tshirt, mobile devices, and computer shops. It also comes in three attractive color choices, customizable design, flexible layout to give your store an added edge.

To Conclude

So, here is the end of our some of the best free Magento themes you can choose to run your online store.

Feel free to pick any one of them and let your store  create a stir.





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