5 Tips to Develop WordPress E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce ─ already a billion dollar industry, we see more and more retailers have started conducting their business online, e-commerce has emerged as a high revenue generating market. Factors like convenience, discounts and better prices, immediate availability of new products, assured high quality products, and many other factors have contributed to the rise of the popularity of e-commerce than using the conventional shopping methods. What’s more? With rapid advancements in web technologies, business owners have realized how developing an e-commerce site or web portal helps foster their brand in the virtual world.
WordPress as an E-Commerce Platform

WordPress was initially touted as the best blogging platform, as time passed by a lot of changes were made in the platform. At present, it is one of the best content management tools. You can build almost any type of site using the WordPress platform. Have you ever wondered that you can use WordPress as an Ecommerce platform? It’s true. WordPress can also be used as an e-commerce platform.

With several open-source platforms available in the market that have been designed particularly for building online sites, you might be wondering why you should bother going for WordPress?

Well, a simple answer to this is that choosing WP e-commerce development can help you set-up an e-commerce website with minimal efforts. In addition, you can easily add content, images and several other essential attributes to your site without investing chunks of money on hiring a developer – to get the desired changes done.

For any online site or portal, a shopping cart is a must-have element that you can’t neglect. Adding an e-cart can turn out to be an expensive deal if you choose .NET or any other web development framework to design your e-commerce website. However, WordPress offer various free plugins that help embed e-commerce components into your WordPress site. You don’t have to refer to other platforms to get these components integrated to the site.

So, if you’re planning to use WordPress for to develop your e-commerce website, here are my 6 favourite tips:

#1. Buy a Well Integrated Theme

Integrated Theme.jpeg

There are so many themes available for WordPress ─ both free and paid. But if you’re serious about your business, a paid e-commerce theme will work the best as you get additional features like SEO integrated tool, mobile responsive design, management tools, and much more. A theme is not merely how your website looks, but its overall performance, how it feels, the user-interface.


#2. Use WordPress E-commerce Plugins

There are a lot of plugins to choose from for your e-commerce need. According to numbers, Woocommerce is the market leader and powers more than 30% online stores and that’s a lot of online stores. But if you consider only WordPress powered websites, it is used in 78.4% of store, followed by WP ecommerce which is used by 9.8% of WP powered websites.

So, there’s a huge difference in usage of Woocommerce and other plugins.


WordPress E-commerce Plugins.jpeg


#3. Build a Secure and High-Performance Website that Customers can Trust

Every second it takes more to lead your website, you’ll lose a potential customer. A slow website will reduce your conversion by 7% rate by every 1 second it takes to load the page. 47% users expect the page to load within 2 seconds.



Above picture shows a speed test done on Ebay.com with the help of Pindom Website Speed Test
It loads in less than 2 seconds and that is what most people expect.
Apart from high speed and performance, having high security on the website is also essential which customers can trust.



#4. Do SEO for your E-commerce website

Just because your theme is SEO friendly and has SEO plugins installed, you can’t take SEO lightly. In a 2011 study, the number 1 position on the Google search receives 18.2% clicks while second and third position receives 10.1% and 7.2% traffic respectively, and this number keeps on decreasing. So spend some time in keyword research, link building, site architecture, to get your website ranked higher on search engines.

The Most popular SEO plugin is Yoast SEO.

E-commerce website.jpeg


#5. Provide the best User Experience

User experience is how the user feels when using your product. The purpose of a car is to take your from once place to the other, but a BMW with it’s strong built, powerful engine, distinguished looks, makes you feel something good, that’s a good user-experience. So, give your user the best and fluid UX on you website that the user feels connected to your website.


Wrap Up

A successful e-commerce website requires a lot of hard work and tireless effort. It’s not only setting up a theme, adding products, and hoping they’ll sell. A good branding and marketing strategy will help to get your website the desired results.











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