6 Quick tips on gearing up your WordPress blog for 2016

As you know that few months are left in 2016, its time to prepare your online presence by freshen up your website/blog. If you are a owner of a WordPress blog and are thinking to update it for the year 2016, you’re fortunate enough to have landed here. Through this post, I’ll be offering you some brilliant tips that’ll help you update your WordPress blog to gather massive readership. The best part of these tips is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time and efforts on implementing any of them. Even a basic understanding of how to use WordPress will work well for enhancement of your WordPress blog.

Keeping your WordPress blog updated is crucial for gathering maximum readers
Even if your blog seems to be beautiful, there might be some areas wherein it may be lacking that tint of professionalism and elegance. As a blog owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your blog comprises of the latest features and functionalities that make it stand out from the crowd. Well, you can do a lot for updating your WordPress blog to attain that perfect height of excellence. Talking about getting your blog listed on the search engine results pages (SERPs), I’d like to say if you update your blogging site on a regular basis, then there are greater chances for gathering maximum readers. Updating the content (images, text, graphics etc) placed on your blog can allow you to be featured on top of all the popular search engine results pages.

Now, let me cover the tips that can aid you in polishing your WordPress blog for a brand new look and feel that’ll work wonders in 2016

Tip No.1 – Insert tracking links within the posts
Using tracking links within your posts will allow you to keep a track of what’s coming in for your blog. Using a good link-tracking software will aid you in knowing the response for your blog i.e. whether your website’s elements viz: highlighted text, newsletter sign-up button have been able to produce any conversions.

Tip No.2- Opt for creating CTA Footer Images
A call-to-action (CTA) footer image is a clickable image that’s inserted towards the bottom of each blog post published on the WordPress blogging site. Clicking on this image re-directs the reader to web pages that are custom-made for promoting the products and services offered by a business firm. A large group of companies has started using CTA footer images for making their business message reach a wider audience.


Tip No.3- Make your blog post images Pinterest-compatible
With Pinterest becoming one of the excellent web platforms for driving traffic towards blogging sites, it’s recommended to make your blog post images Pinterest-compatible. After you’ve updated the images placed on your blog posts, make sure to edit the image’s Title and Alternative Texts sections to have a title that’s absolutely similar to your blog post. Doing this will help with your blog’s SEO and allow you to gather readers from different corners of the world.



Tip No.4- Set up Google Authorship on your WordPress blog
Setting up Google Authorship on your WordPress powered blog allows you to connect the blog post author’s Google+ account to the blogging website. Once this is done, the Google+ profile image of the author will be displayed along with the blog posts, thereby allowing your blog to rank higher on the search engines.


google authorship


Tip No.5- Integrate your blog’s RSS Feeds to different social platforms
By integrating your blog’s RSS Feeds to different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, you can easily gather massive readership from these social networks as well. For example, an “RSS to Twitter” for your blog will essentially make content sharing an automatic process. This in turn will definitely add exclusivity to your WordPress blog




Tip No.6- Add Twitter Buttons
Twitter is undoubtedly an excellent tool for increasing your brand’s visibility over the web. You may choose to add Twitter button in your blog posts and gather readers who’re looking for information that’s similar to the one covered in your blog posts.




My Final Words
So, these were the tips that can be followed for assuring best results for your WordPress blog. I’m sure you’ll abide by them for sure and make up for any web traffic losses you’ve been encountering since the launch of your WordPress blogging website.
Thanks for taking out time to go through this informative post. Hope you’d have liked every bit of detail mentioned in this blog. If you feel the need to add some pointers to the above post, please feel free to use the comments box below.

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