We’re  keen to hear from talented individuals who enjoy writing about web design and anything specific to WordPress. We strive to provide top-notch articles, tutorials, news and free stuff for the web design industry.


Who can write for us

Anyone with experience as a writer or blogger on web design related topics or anyone with expertise related to web design who is looking to share their knowledge on the subject.


Why Write for WPThemeSource

Increase your profile online.
Include a brief summary of yourself, plus links to your own website and references to your other projects / interests at the end of your article (s).


What kind of content we look for

Ideally we are looking for articles and tutorials on any web design related subject. Check out the articles and the categories on our site. Your article should be engaging and informative – and written without grammar and spelling errors. It doesn’t have to be long (minimum 500 words) but it must be high quality or we wont publish it.


Content Guidelines

Articles must be a minimum of 500 words
Articles must be unique and not published elsewhere
Relevant images need to be used
All sources used in your article must be credited
Be creative and original in the subjects you choose and the words you write. Dont simply  rewrite other articles in your own words.

(We reserve the right to include internal links within your article for Search Engine purposes)


How To Start

Get in touch with our Editorial team by completing our contact form. Tell us a little bit about yourself and please include links to example articles and/or  tutorials that you have already written. Please also send us some ideas of what you would like to write about.